Lining Duties WEEK 1 – Mar 10     Lining Duties
9:00 Titans v Bears Huskies1   9:00 Outlaws v Ducks Spartans1
10:45 Huskies v Ballhawks Bulldogs1   10:45 Spartans v Tsunami Warriors1
12:30 Bulldogs v Nightmare Ballhawks1   12:30 Warriors v Wildboys Tsunami1
2:15 Rockets v Thunder Nightmare1        
      WEEK 2 – Mar 17      
9:00 Bears v Ballhawks Rockets1   9:00 Warriors v Tsunami Wildboys1
10:45 Bulldogs v Rockets Bears1   10:45 Outlaws v Wildboys Ducks1
12:30 Nightmare v Thunder Titans1   12:30 Spartans v Ducks Trojans1
2:15 Titans v Huskies Thunder1   2:15 Trojans vs Ducks Spartans2
      WEEK 3 – Mar 24      
9:00 Rockets v Nightmare Titans2   9:00 Wildboys v Ducks Outlaws1
10:45 Titans v Ballhawks Thunder2   10:45 Outlaws v Tsunami Ducks2
12:30 Bulldogs v Thunder Huskies2   12:30 Warriors v Spartans Trojans2
2:15 Bears v Huskies Bulldogs2   2:15 Trojans vs Spartans Warriors2
      WEEK 4 – Mar 31      
9:00 Titans v Bulldogs Ballhawks2   9:00 Ducks v Tsunami Trojans3
10:45 Thunder v Ballhawks Rockets2   10:45 Trojans vs Wildboys Tsunami2
12:30 Rockets v Bears Nightmare2   12:30 Spartans v Wildboys Outlaws2
2:15 Huskies v Nightmare Bears2   2:15 Warriors v Outlaws Wildboys2
      WEEK 5 – Apr 7      
9:00 Huskies v Thunder Rockets3   9:00 Spartans v Outlaws Ducks3
10:45 Ballhawks v Rockets Huskies3   10:45 Warriors v Ducks Spartans3
12:30 Titans v Nightmare Bulldogs3   12:30 Wildboys v Tsunami Warriors3
2:15 Bears v Bulldogs Nightmare3   2:15 Trojans vs Tsunami Wildboys3
      WEEK 6 – Apr 14      
9:00 Titans v Rockets Bears3   9:00 Outlaws v Ducks Tsunami3
10:45 Bears v Thunder Titans3   10:45 Spartans v Tsunami Outlaws3
12:30 Bulldogs v Huskies Thunder3   12:30 Warriors v Wildboys Trojans4
2:15 Ballhawks v Nightmare Bulldogs4   2:15 Trojans vs Warriors Wildboys4
    April 21 NO GAMES – EASTER    
    Lining Duties WEEK 7 – Apr 28     Lining Duties
9:00 Titans v Thunder Huskies4   9:00 Outlaws v Wildboys Ducks4
10:45 Huskies v Rockets Titans4   10:45 Spartans v Ducks Tsunami4
12:30 Ballhawks v Bulldogs Nightmare4   12:30 Warriors v Tsunami Spartans4
2:15 Bears v Nightmare Ballhawks3   2:15 Trojans vs Tsunami Warriors4
      WEEK 8 – May 5      
9:00 Nightmare v Bulldogs Bears4   9:00 Wildboys v Ducks Outlaws4
10:45 Titans v Bears Bulldogs5   10:45 Outlaws v Tsunami Ducks5
12:30 Huskies v Ballhawks Thunder4   12:30 Warriors v Spartans Tsunami5
2:15 Rockets v Thunder Huskies5   2:15 Trojans vs Spartans Warriors5
      WEEK 9 – May 12      
9:00 Titans v Thunder Nightmare5   9:00 Ducks v Tsunami Outlaws5
10:45 Huskies v Nightmare Titans5   10:45 Warriors v Outlaws Wildboys5
12:30 Rockets v Bulldogs Ballhawks4   12:30 Spartans v Wildboys Trojans5
2:15 Bears v Ballhawks Rockets4   2:15 Trojans vs Wildboys Spartans5
    May 19 – NO GAMES – VICTORIA DAY    
      WEEK 10 – May 26      
9:00 Titans v Ballhawks Thunder5   9:00 Wildboys v Tsunami Ducks6
10:45 Thunder v Nightmare Ballhawks5   10:45 Warriors v Ducks Tsunami6
12:30 Huskies v Rockets Bears5   12:30 Spartans v Outlaws Trojans6
2:15 Bulldogs v Bears Rockets5   2:15 Trojans vs Outlaws Spartans6
      PLAYOFF WEEK 1 – Jun 2    
      PLAYOFF WEEK 2 – Jun 9    
      ISLAND SUMMER GAMES – Jun 21 – 23  

UPDATED: March 6, 2018 12:06 pm

A Division

B Division

A DIVISION - Colwood Elementary


Date Game Time Teams Lining Duties
11-Mar 9:00am  Titans vs Buzzcocks Ballhawks
  10:45am Ballhawks vs Thunder Titans
  12:30pm Rockets vs Nightmare  Thunder
  2:15pm Bulldogs vs Bears Nightmare
18-Mar 9:00am  Buzzcocks vs Ballhawks  Bears
  10:45am Titans vs Bears Buzzcocks
  12:30pm  Nightmare vs Thunder Bulldogs
  2:15pm  Rockets vs Bulldogs Thunder
25-Mar 9:00am  Titans vs Bulldogs  Ballhawks 
  10:45am Ballhawks vs Rockets Titans
  12:30pm Nightmare vs Bears  Rockets
  2:15pm  Buzzcocks vs Thunder Bears
8-Apr 9:00am Titans vs Thunder  Buzzcocks
  10:45am Buzzcocks vs Rockets Bulldogs
  12:15pm Nightmare vs Bulldogs Rockets
  2:15pm Bears vs Ballhawks Nightmare
15-Apr 9:00am  Titans vs Rockets Bears
  10:45am Bears vs Thunder Rockets
  12:15pm Ballhawks vs Nightmare Buzzcocks
  2:15pm Buzzcocks vs Bulldogs Nightmare
22-Apr 9:00am Buzzcocks vs Bears  Bulldogs
  10:45am Ballhawks vs Bulldogs  Titans
  12:15pm Titans vs Nightmare Ballhawks
  2:15pm Rockets vs Thunder Nightmare
29-Apr 9:00am Titans vs Ballhawks  Bears
  10:45am Rockets vs Bears Buzzcocks
  12:15pm Nightmare vs Buzzcocks Rockets
  2:15pm Thunder vs Bulldogs Bulldogs
6-May 9:00am Titans vs Buzzcocks Thunder
  10:45am  Ballhawks vs Thunder Buzzcocks
  12:15pm Rockets vs Nightmare Ballhawks
  2:15pm Bulldogs vs Bears Bears
13-May 9:00am Ballhawks vs Buzzcocks Titans
  10:45pm Titans vs Bears  Buzzcocks
  12:15pm Nightmare vs Thunder Nightmare
  2:15pm Rockets vs Bulldogs Thunder
27-May 9:00am  Titans vs Bulldogs  Ballhawks
  10:45am Ballhawks vs Rockets Bulldogs
  12:15pm Nightmare vs Bears Rockets
  2:15pm Buzzcocks vs Thunder Bears

B DIVISION - Dunsmuir Middle School

Date Game Time Teams Lining Duties
11-Mar 9:00am  Outlaws vs Ducks Tsunami 
  10:45am Dukes vs Tsunami Ducks
  12:30pm Spartans vs Warriors  Dukes
  2:15pm Spartans vs Wildboys Warriors
18-Mar 9:00am  Warriors vs Tsunami  Ducks
  10:45am Ducks vs Wildboys  Warriors
  12:30pm  Ducks vs spartans Wildboys
  2:15pm  Dukes vs Outlaws Spartans
25-Mar 9:00am  Tsunami vs Outlaws Wildboys
  10:45am Warriors vs Wildboys Outlaws 
  12:30pm Warriors vs Ducks Dukes
  2:15pm  Spartans vs Dukes Ducks 
8-Apr 9:00am Ducks vs Tsunami  Wildboys
  10:45am Dukes vs wildboys Tsunami
  12:15pm Dukes vs Warriors Outlaws
  2:15pm Spartans vs Outlaws  Warriors 
15-Apr 9:00am  Wildbioys vs Tsunami  Spartans
  10:45am Spartans vs tsunami  Outlaws
  12:15pm Warriors vs Outlaws Dukes
  2:15pm Dukes vs Ducks Warriors
22-Apr 9:00am Spartans vs Warriors  Ducks
  10:45am Outlaws vs Ducks Wildboys
  12:15pm Outlaws vs Wildboys Dukes
  2:15pm Dukes vs Tsunami Outlaws 
29-Apr 9:00am Outlaws vs Ducks Tsunami 
  10:45am Dukes vs Tsunami Outkaws 
  12:15pm Warriors vs Wildboys Spartans
  2:15pm Wildboys vs Spartans Warriors
6-May 9:00am Ducks vs Wildboys Spartans
  10:45am  Ducks vs Spartan Wildboys
  12:15pm Dukes vs outlaws Tsunami
  2:15pm Warriors vs Tsunami  Dukes
13-May 9:00am Tsunami vs Wildboys Dukes
  10:45pm Dukes vs Outlaws  Tsunami
  12:15pm Warriors vs Spartans Duck
  2:15pm Warriors vs Ducks Spartans
27-May 9:00am  Ducks vs Tsunami Dukes
  10:45am Spartans vs Dukes  Tsunami
  12:15pm Dukes vs Warriors  Outlaws 
  2:15pm Wildboys vs Outlaws  Warriors


Week 6 - Oct 22nd

Colwood Elementary    
9:00am  Titans vs Buzzcocks Ballhawks
10:45am  Ballhawks vs Thunder  Titans
12:30pm   Rockets vs Bulldogs  Thunder
9:00am  Bears vs outlaws Wildboys
10:45am  Spartans vs Wildboys  Tsunami
12:30pm  Tsunami vs Warriors  Spartans

Week 7 - Oct 29th

Colwood Elementary    
9:00am  Ballhawks vs Bulldogs  Buzzcocks
10:45am  Buzzcocks vs Rockets Bulldogs
12:30pm  Titans vs Thunder  Rockets  
9:00am  Warrriors vs Spartans Tsunami
10:45am  Tsunami vs Bears Warriors
12:30pm  Outlaws vs Wildboys  Bears

Week 8 - Nov 5th

Colwood Elementary    
9:00am  Titans vs Bulldogs  Thunder
10:45am  Buzzcocks vs Thunder  Ballhawks
12:30pm   Rockets vs Ballhawks  Buzzcocks
9:00am  Bears vs Wildboys  Tsunami
10:45am  Spartans vs Tsunami Bears
12:30pm    Outlaws vs Warriors  Spartans

Week 9 - Nov 12th

  Fields got pretty chopped up last weekend, we are going to be moving to Turf for the remainder of the season. This weekend we will be at Uvic between 11am-5pm.

11:00am Buzzcocks vs Ballhawks Rockets
12:45pm Titans vs Rockets Bulldogs
2:30pm Thunder vs Bulldogs Titans

11:00am Spartans vs Outlaws Tsunami
12:45pm Wildboys vs Tsunami Bears
2:30pm Bears vs Warriors Outlaws

Please continue to watch the schedule moving forward. I have PISES secured for the 26th weekend but still trying to find something for the 19th.

Playoffs week 1 - Nov 19th

Colwood Elementary    
A Cup    
9:00am A1 vs A4  Lined by one A3,one A2
10:45am  A3 vs A2  Lined by one A1, one A4
B Cup    
12:30pm  A5 vs B2 Lined by one A6, one B1
2:15 PM A6 vs B1 Lined by one A5, one B2
Dunsmuir Elementary    
C Cup    
9:00am   B3 vs B6 Lined by one B4, one B5
10:45am  B4 vs B5 Lined by one B3, one B6

Playoffs - Nov 26th  (FINALS)

Colwood Elementary    
9:00am  A cup finals  
10:45am  B cup finals  
12:30pm  C cup finals  

Week 1 - September 9 2018

A Div Colwood elementary

9:00 Titans vs Bulldogs Lines: Buzzcocks

10:45 Ballhawks vs Buzzcocks Lines: Bulldogs 

12:30 Nightmare vs Rockets Lines: Ballhawks

Bye week - Thunder

B Div Belmont School

9:00 Bears vs Tsunami Lines: Outlaws

10:45 Spartans vs outlaws Lines: Bears

12:30 Warriors vs Ducks Lines: Spartans

Week 2 - September 16, 2018

A Div Colwood elementary

9:00 Titans vs Ballhawks Lines: Thunder

10:45 Thunder vs Rockets Lines:Titans

12:30 Buzzcocks vs Bulldogs Lines:Rockets

Bye Nightmare

B Div Belmont School

9:00 Bears vs Ducks Lines:Outlaws

10:45 Warriors vs Outlaws Lines:Ducks

12:30 Spartans vs Tsunami Lines:Warriors

Week 3 - September 23, 2018

A Div Colwood elementary

9:00 Titans vs Nightmare Lines: Bulldogs

10:45 Rockets vs Bulldogs Lines: Nightmare

12:30 Buzzcocks vs Thunder Lines: Rockets

Bye Ballhawks

B Div Belmont School

9:00 Tsunami vs Outlaws Lines: Ducks

10:45 Spartans vs Ducks Lines: Tsunami

12:30 Warriors vs Bears Lines: Spartans

Week 4 - September 30, 2018

9:00 Titan vs Thunder Lines: Ballhawks

10:45 Rockets vs Ballhawks Lines: Titans

12:30 Nightmare vs bulldogs Lines: Rockets

Bye Buzzcocks

9:00 Outlaws vs Ducks Lines: Bears

10:45 Spartans vs Bears Lines: Outlaws

12:30 Warriors vs Tsunami Lines: Spartans

October 7, 2018 - No Games, Happy Thanksgiving

Week 5 - October 14, 2018

9:00 Titans vs Buzzcocks Lines: Thunder

10:45 Thunder vs Nightmare Lines: Buzzcocks

12:30 Bulldogs vs ballhawks Lines: Nightmare

Bye rockets

9:00 Bears vs Outlaws Lines: Ducks

10:45 Ducks vs Tsunami Lines: Warriors

12:30 Warriors vs Spartans Lines: Tsunami

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